Fingernails painted, a young girl plays with mud at a community garden for Karen and Karenni refugee families who have resettled in Indianapolis, Indiana. The two Burma/Myanmar ethnic groups possess little to no English language skills upon arrival to the United States.  Most of which come after living in Thailand refugee camps with merely a primary school education, but some are able to speak two to three other languages of neighboring ethnic cultures within and near their homeland. 

Photographed May 26, 2012

photo credit & copyright Gary Dwight Miller

Moments after emptying her water filled gallon plastic containers, which she had carried from a nearby creek, an elderly woman watches a teenager spray water from a hose making use of a newly installed 250-foot deep well for Karen and Karenni Burmese on their community garden in Washington Twp., Indianapolis, Indiana.

Photographed May 15, 2012

photo credit & copyright Gary Dwight Miller

She’s It - A variation of the game Hide and Seek is played and obviously enjoyed by children whose parents and families are refugees from Burma [Myanmar] via Thailand that have resettled in Indianapolis, IN.  In 1992 persecuted ethnic populations within the military control government began to flee the country across the border to neighboring & regional nations.  Since then, just in the United States the numbers have increased and, according to 2010 United States Census more then one hundred thousand persons of Burmese descent seeking protection from the government of their homeland have resettled across the United States.

Photographed May 6, 2012

photo credit & copyright Gary Dwight Miller

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An annual meeting of Karenni Burmese refugees gather inside the home of a family within their Indianapolis, Indiana community to discuss U.S. laws and the importance of maintaining their cultural distinction in a new land.  To aid the community bond each family contributes a nominal monthly fee to help individual families during financial difficulties.

Photographed April 14, 2012

photo credit & copyright Gary Dwight Miller